Wagner Spray Tech Wagner 0513040 PaintEater, 1, Yellow

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Manufacturer Description

The Wagner paint Eater 4-1/2 in. Disc sander is tough on paint but gentle on the surface. The high-performance, spun-fiber disc operates at 2,000 RPM to provide the proper combination of disc performance and user control and features an open-web disc design to minimize paint and dust build-up. Use the sander on its edge to remove paint chips, or operate it flat for smooth, feathered paint edges that create an ideal surface for repainting. High-power 3.2 amp motor provides powerful performance. 2,000 RPM provides the optimal combination of disc performance and user control. High-performance, spun-fiber 3M disc aggressively removes paint yet is gentle on surfaces.

The Wagner PaintEater is a one-step paint remover that's aggressive on paint but gentle on siding and trim. Included in the system are the PaintEater machine and 3M spun-fiber disc, which work together to get rid of paint, feather rough edges, and smooth the surface of wood, masonite, steel, or concrete. In just one step the PaintEater eliminates the time-consuming, labor-intensive chores of traditional exterior-paint prep and ensures that your new paint will go on smoother, adhere better, and last longer.

Quickly and Easily Prep Your Home's Exterior
Painting a home's exterior is a big project, but one that pays off in curb appeal as well as protection for your home. The first and most tedious step in painting your home is to get rid of loose or flaking paint and to prepare a smooth surface for a fresh coat. The PaintEater is an award-winning tool from Wagner Spray Tech and 3M that will help make quick work of this process.

The Wagner PaintEater was awarded the Handyman Club of America's Member Tested and Recommended Seal and Contractor Tested and Recommended Seal.

Aggressive on Paint, Gentle on Siding and Trim
The Wagner PaintEater aggressively removes paint but is easy on underlying substrate. With the PaintEater you can prepare most outdoor surfaces, including wood and masonite siding, concrete, and steel. The machine's powerful, 3.2-amp motor delivers 2,600 RPM for removing even the most stubborn pain, paint oxides, and mildew; this optimal rotary speed gives just the right combination of performance and control.

Flex-Disc System for Precise Results
The PaintEater combines a high-powered machine and a tough 3M spun-fiber disc with high-performance abrasive embedded into the fibers. Together they provide you with speed, power, performance, and control, so you don't have to worry about damaging surfaces.

The PaintEater's innovative Flex-Disc System allows the disc to conform to surfaces for precise results around flat trim and siding. The disc can be operated on its edge--to remove stubborn paint chips--or flat--to smooth or feather edges. The outer edge of the disc is ideal for preparing the surface underneath lap siding. The disc's compact size--4-1/2 inches--allows you to access tight corners; its open-web design minimizes buildup of paint and dust and allows the disc to easily glide over screws, nails, or sharp edges without damage.

Removing the disc is just as simple as using it--no tools required. Simply engage the arbor lock and unscrew.

Ergonomic Design Provides Comfort and Safety
The PaintEater is ergonomically designed to allow for multiple hand positions and to ease hand fatigue. It can safely be used with either the right hand or left hand, and the retractable handle and soft-grip cover allow you to easily switch between one-handed and two-handed operation. And even with its rugged, glass-filled polypropylene body, the PaintEater is lightweight enough for you to carry from job to job.

A shroud design at the base of the unit ensures that your hands stay safely away from the disc during operation. For added protection, the PaintEater features a Velcro strap for securing the tool safely to your hand when working on a ladder, rooftop, or when you just need extra leverage. For peace of mind, a silicon boot protects the on/off switch from dust and moisture.

The Wagner PaintEater is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
Wagner PaintEater and 3M disc.

Product Features

ROTATING PALM SANDER: The PaintEater 4-1/2" disc sander is tough on paint but gentle on surfaces, making this the ideal power rotary paint removing tool FLAWLESS DESIGN: 3M spun-fiber disc operates at 2,600 RPM to provide the perfect combination of user control and abrasive performance PAINT REMOVAL AT ANY ANGLE: Operating the disc on its edge removes stubborn paint chips. Operating the disc flat will smooth and feather the paint edges POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: 3.2 Amp motor provides powerful performance to easily remove paint chips and smooth your surface before repainting EFFICIENT SANDING DISC: Open-web disc design minimizes the loading-up of paint and dust. The Flex-Disc system conforms to contours to provide consistent results on uneven surfaces

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