Wagner 0525002 Power Painter Max with Optimus

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Manufacturer Description

Wagner, Power Painter, Model 320, Wide Shot, 4X Speed Electronic Painting System, 2400 PSI Of Power, Sprays Most Latex Paint Without Thinning, New, Wide-Angle Tip For Super-Wide Application Of Latex Paint, Improved Spray Pattern Control With Selection Of 4 Spray Patterns At The Touch Of A Button, Spray From Quart Container Straight From Can With 5' Suction Set, Long-Life Carbide Piston & Cylinder, New Stain Tip For Oil-Based Stains.

The Wagner Power Painter Max with Optimus Dual-Tip Technology is a handheld sprayer designed for homeowners who want to speed up their painting projects. It uses high-speed piston-pump technology and a tungsten-carbide tip to provide control, minimal overspray, and a fan-shaped pattern that's preferred by professionals. Electronic four-speed control makes the Power Painter Max great for painting large surfaces and detail work alike, including shutters, lattice, sheds, fences, decks, garages, and smaller houses.

The Wagner Power Painter Max with Optimus Dual-Tip Technology package includes:
  • Wagner Power Painter Max with Optimus Dual-Tip Technology
  • Dual tips
  • 1.5-quart paint reservoir
  • Six-foot dual hose set
  • Dual hose fitting
  • Quick-flush lid
  • Container clip
  • Backpack assembly
  • Oil lubricant
  • Cleaning brush
  • Carrying case

Paint can be sprayed from the 1.5-quart reservoir or extracted directly from the paint can with the included suction tube. View larger.
This sprayer's two-tip design gives it the versatility and precision for evenly painting large surfaces and small detail work alike.
Two Tips are Better than One
Wagner realizes that when it comes to paint sprayers, two tips are better than one. The Power Painter Max with Optimus Dual-Tip design creates a vacuum effect between the tips, which draws more paint particles into a single spray distribution than single-tipped sprayers. The result is more even surface coverage, better paint adhesion, wider spray pattern, longer-lasting finish, less overspray, more precise control, and greater versatility for covering a wider variety of surface types. With the Power Painter Max you can achieve professional-looking results three times faster than when painting with a brush.

Each spray tip is made from durable tungsten-carbide, the same material used by professional paint sprayers. The result is added durability, longer lifespan, and better performance over the outdated steel and ceramic spray tips found on other guns.

And with a rotatable tip guard, the Power Painter Max can change direction to paint up and down or side to side. Just rotate the tip guard for maximum versatility.

Four Speeds and Flow Control Put Versatility and Precision at Your Fingertips
Because of its built-in electronic four-speed control, you can use the Power Painter Max to spray a variety o f surfaces and materials with just one tool. Just push a button to switch between spraying large surfaces and small, detail pieces. Lower speeds allow for greater control over trim pieces, while faster speeds handle exterior walls quickly and easily by increasing the flow of material through the sprayer.

The Power Painter Max also has an easy flow-control function for dialing in the perfect spray pattern for the material you're using. Thicker spray materials work best at the higher-flow positions, while thinner spray materials work best at the lower-flow positions. The lower the flow, the closer you can get to your work and the less overspray you will have. Changing the spray pattern is as easy as turning the flow control knob counterclockwise to increase the amount of paint flow and turning it clockwise to decrease it.

Spray Up to 7.2 Gallons per Hour
Powerfully built, the Power Painter Max lets you spray up to 7.2 gallons per hour, making fast work of big projects. You can spray material from either the large, 1.5-quart reservoir, or for larger tasks, you can use the included six-foot suction tube to extracting paint directly from the can.

Smart Design Provides Comfort and Ease of Use
Power Painter Max's soft-grip handle provides all-day comfort for larger painting projects, and the sprayer's lightweight construction allows for comfortable one-handed operation. For even greater convenience, you can use the included backpack reservoir for maximum mobility while you paint.

The Power Painter Max sets up in less than five minutes: simply plug the sprayer into a standard 120-volt socket and you're ready to start painting. Cleanup takes less than ten minutes with the included cleaning brush.

The Power Painter Max with Optimus Technology is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
Power Painter Max with Optimus Technology, dual tips, 1.5-quart paint reservoir, six-foot dual hose set, dual hose fitting, quick-flush lid, container clip, backpack assembly, oil lubricant, cleaning brush, and carrying case.

Product Features

Electronic 4-speed control for spraying large surfaces and detail work such as trim Optimus Dual Tip Technology provides even coverage, less overspray and more control 1.5 quart cup - 7.2 GPH(gallons per hour) Draw directly from cup or can with 6 foot remote suction tube Backpack for maximum mobility

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