Adel 3398 Biometric Fingerprint Trinity Door Lock

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Manufacturer Description

ADEL 3398 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Newest DIY Design concept
Item feature and Specification:
The advanced "DIY" design concept, its handle can be swapped around by self-installed, allowing users to fully enjoy the fun of DIY;
Single-bolt international standard cylinder lock cylinder, can be adjustable design or direct replacement for ball lock;
A brand new stand-alone clutch motor, free hand design is effective to prevent vandalism;
Integrated cast steel structure, beautiful and solid, refined and elegant;
Dual fingerprint authentication, make it more secure; With bright gold, sub-chrome, gun color, bright chrome color four colors for your choice.
There are 3 ways to open the door: Dual fingerprint, pass word and mechanical key. Can store up to 120 fingerprints, every two to a group of 60 set to open the door fingerprint;
Unique features of normally open, easy to meetings or gatherings;
When the voltages is less than 4.8 volts it will show the low pressure warning appears to remind the host to replace the battery, if the battery runs out it can be external an emergency power supply. Item Parameters:

Operating voltage: 6V (4 bits 1.5V alkaline batteries)
Static consumption: ? 8 UA
Dynamic consumption: ? 150 MA
Storage capacity: 120 (each 2 as a group, a total of 60 groups)
Fingerprint collect Time: <0.2 seconds
Fingerprint matching time: <1 sec
False rejection rate (FRR): <1 ‰
False Accept Rate (FAR): ? 0.0001%
Finger using angle: 360 at any angle can be correctly identified
Fingerprint template setting : 2 times generate a module
Battery life (standby): 2 years
Operation humidity: RH (45 ~ 85)%
Highly recommended for Indoor use.
Individual user deletion.
Reversible handle fit any left or right handed door.
LCD for easy operation.
No external wiring required.

Product Features

Package Including: 1x ADEL 3398 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock 4x AA Betteries 2x mechanical key 1x User manual and installation instruction Fixing Screws and other accessories Losing your house keys can be a real headache. Not only do you have to worry about paying a locksmith to help you get into your own home or business, but replacing your locks can be tedious and time consuming too.Luckily, the future in door lock security is here, and the DIY Reversible Fingerprint Door Lock from ADEL is one of the most efficient high-tech door locks on the market. Using Biometric technology, this lock grants you access to your home or property by simply scanning your fingerprint! With this ADEL-3398 you won't have to worry about lugging your keys around, or strangers unexpectedly making their way into your home or business. Able to memorize up to an astonishing 120 different fingerprints, all that you and your employees or loved ones need to do is hit the ZERO key and place your finger on the door lock's scanner to be let in instantly! Memorized fingerprints can be added easily, and for those wanting a little variety, the ADEL-3398 can also work with a PIN code or Mechanical Key (for emergency use). No need to worry about complicated programming either, as this lock requires zero computer programming. Now, Biometric technology has arrived in the security locks industry, and we are excited to offer you the innovative ADEL Fingerprint Password Lock.

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